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Spring Term Newsletter

Newsletter – Spring Term 2019

Hello all,

I am looking forward to a super busy Spring Term filled with; rehearsals, costume fittings, more rehearsals and then our show, Dance, Dance, Dance 2019 on 16th March 2019, at Harrogate Theatre. Tickets are available from Harrogate Theatre Box office, 01423 502116, or on their website: www.harrogatetheatre.co.uk.

Firstly, term dates: PLEASE NOTE term dates are Monday 7th January to Saturday 13th April with half term being taken, in line with North Yorkshire School holidays, the week commencing 25th March finishing on Friday 1st March. As per the show information letter, a full school ballet rehearsal will be taken on Saturday 2nd March from 2pm at Hugh Ripley Hall. Normal Saturday classes will also run on Saturday 2nd March but due to the ‘Save The Children’ Jumble Sale, morning classes will be held in the upstairs room and not the hall. A reminder for this will be issued before half term.

If your child is in a tap or modern jazz routine, they will need nude tap/jazz shoes. These are available at Adage Dancewear in Harrogate, at https://rda.mydancestore.co.uk but if you know your size, I’d be tempted to use Ebay or Amazon.

Underwear is NOT allowed under show costumes unless it is seamless, nude (not white due to UV lighting) in colour and has transparent straps. I would recommend investing in some dance underwear as this can be worn for exams also. Available as above, and again, I would recommend Ebay or Amazon as a prime source for these items. Let me know if you have any queries regarding this.

Another reminder: It is now compulsory for children to come to class with hair in a bun or in pinned-up plaits for all classes except Freestyle. In general, last term there was an improvement in hair tidiness in all classes but please do make sure the hair is pinned securely to avoid time lost during class to re-do buns that are just secured with a bobble. On the above point: children who do not have their hair pinned up will not be admitted to acrobatic dance class due to safety concerns.

Also, a further reminder that due to constantly having to chase late fees, I’ve introduced a late fee charge of £5. Terms and conditions have been updated to reflect this and a copy will be available at Hugh Ripley Hall and on our website at www.ripondance.co.uk. If you are having difficulty paying fees, please speak to me.

Anyone who has mislaid their show information letter and hasn’t made a note of the dates of the rehearsals they have already committed to, please go to www.ripondance.co.uk and you can download the letter from the News and Announcements page.

This term will be a lot of fun AND lots of hard work. However, I am absolutely sure that the show will be amazing and give all our little superstars the chance to shine!

That’s all folks!

Miss C 😊