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Autumn Term Newsletter

Newsletter – Autumn Term 2018

Hello all!

Ripon Dance Academy is 5 years old! What a great 5 years it has been! I want to thank you all for your continued support and enthusiasm for all things RDA!

Summer term was a busy one; our exam session gave really excellent results for all who took grade exams, we took dancers to a fundraiser in Leeds which was really well received and great experience for the dancers and then the term finished with a successful trip to Sheffield for our competition team. We brought home a fair haul of medals to add to our growing stash. Also, at the end of July, Mary Savua and Mia Bowden represented RDA at Ripon’s Got Talent. I’m very proud of our progress and achievements so far. Bring on the 18/19 year, the highlight of which will be our full school show which will be staged at Harrogate Theatre next March.

Firstly, term dates: PLEASE NOTE first half term is Monday 10th September to Saturday 27th October and the second half term is Monday 5th November to Saturday 15th December. The timetable on the back of your invoice is incorrect! Sorry!

Please ensure your child has the correct uniform for their classes. If in doubt, please ask for a uniform list. If renewing jazz shoes and tap shoes, please get tan/nude. These are available from Adage in Harrogate (they have a list of the styles that are acceptable) or at https://rda.mydancestore.co.uk.

Reminder: It is now compulsory for children to come to class with hair in a bun or in pinned-up plaits for all classes except Freestyle. In general, last term there was an improvement in hair tidiness in all classes but please do make sure the hair is pinned securely to avoid time lost during class to re-do buns that are just secured with an elastic. On the above point: children who do not have their hair pinned up will not be admitted to acrobatic dance class due to safety concerns.

Fees have had a small 2% increase in line with increased hall rental and general inflation. In general, this means 10p on a class fee. There has been no change to acro’ class or show group fees. Fee’s should be paid by the date shown on the invoice. Due to constantly having to chase late fees, I’ve introduced a late fee charge of £5. Terms and conditions have been updated to reflect this and a copy will be available at Hugh Ripley Hall and on our website at www.ripondance.co.uk. If you are having difficulty paying fees, please speak to me.

Junior Singing class continues this term. Classes will be held at 12.15pm on:-

15th, 22nd September

13th, 27th October

24th November

1st and 8th December

Senior singing will be weekly at 7.30pm on a Tuesday followed by senior show group rehearsals.

SAVE THE DATES!!! Our full school show will be held at Harrogate Theatre on Saturday 16th March 2019. There will be a full dress run at Hugh Ripley hall on 9th March. Please save both dates. Further detailed information will be coming out during the 1st half term.

Macmillan Fundraising: We will be doing cake sales and optional fancy dress during the week commencing 24th September (in lieu of a coffee morning). Last time, we raised around £250 for Macmillan. Their work is a lifeline for many people undergoing cancer treatment. Please bake a cake, join in the games and donate if you can. Thank you!

That’s all folks!

Miss C 😊