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Summer Term Newsletter

10 April 2018

Newsletter – Summer Term 2018

Hello all,

Following a busy but successful Spring term, I would like to share some information for the Summer term.

Firstly, term dates: first half term is Saturday 14th April to Friday 25th May and the second half term is Saturday 2nd June to Friday 20th July. Term dates have been manipulated slightly (term normally starts on a Monday) to start on a Saturday to accommodate various events that will take us away from Ripon with the competition team and I trust this doesn’t cause any issues.

Please also note that classes will run on Bank Holiday Monday – 7th May. Please do try to attend, especially if your child has an exam on 20th May. The final few weeks preparation are crucial to ensure the children feel prepared and ready to do their best on exam day!

Please ensure your child has the correct uniform for their classes. If in doubt, please ask for a uniform list. If renewing jazz shoes and tap shoes, please get tan/nude. These are available from Adage in Harrogate (they have a list of the styles that are acceptable) or at www.idsshop.co.uk

Reminder: It is now compulsory for children to come to class with hair in a bun or in pinned-up plaits for all classes except Freestyle. In general, last term there was an improvement in hair tidiness in all classes but please do make sure the hair is pinned securely to avoid time lost during class to re-do buns that are just secured with an elastic.

On the above point: children who do not have their hair pinned up will not be admitted to acrobatic dance class due to safety concerns.


We launch another new class this term: Laura Murphy will lead a senior contemporary dance class each Monday at 7.30pm. This is Miss Laura’s specialist subject and I know many senior pupils are excited to start this class. Please message me if your child would like to attend.

Singing class continues this term on a fortnightly basis starting on Saturday 21st April.