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Spring Term Newsletter

Hello all,

Happy New Year to you all! Following a busy but successful Autumn term, I would like to share some information for the first term of 2018.

Firstly, term dates: first half term is Saturday 6th January to Friday 9th February and the second half term is Monday 19th February to Saturday 31st March.

There will be a fee increase to keep pace with hall hire and teacher costs which raise year on year. As many of you will be aware, I have only increased fees once since we opened in September 2013. The fee structure is no longer sustainable, and many classes run at a loss last term which cannot continue. Class fees have increased by 15p to 20p a class. Pointe work class was offered free of charge last term as a gesture to students for combining two ballet grades. However, I need to cover the teacher cost for this additional time but as not all the class members do the pointe work session, I have priced this ‘add-on’ class separately and extended the session to 15 minutes (in addition to 60 minutes grade 5/Intermediate ballet class).

Please ensure your child has the correct uniform for their classes. If in doubt, please ask for a uniform list. There were a few changes in uniform that became effective in September - mainly following student requests! Grade 3 (and above) ballet now wear black camisole ballet leotards. Grade 3 (and above) modern jazz wear black camisole catsuits (see list for type) and Grade 2 tap may wear either black camisole leotard or mulberry leotard with black jazz pants. If renewing jazz shoes and tap shoes, please get tan/nude. These are available from Adage in Harrogate (they have a list of the styles that are acceptable) or at www.idsshop.co.uk

It is now compulsory for children to come to class with hair in a bun or in pinned-up plaits. The children dance so much better with hair out of the way and not flicking around! The children and I have experimented and timed putting a ponytail into a bun. The average time it takes is 20 seconds! I will try to remember to bring extra bobbles to help-out until this becomes routine.

The much-awaited Acrobatic Dance class starts on Tuesday at 5.40pm. This class is already full and I am now looking for a slot for another class. If you would like to wait-list your child for a place, please let me know. Uniform for acro’ class is; plain leotard (any colour for now), black dance shorts, bare legs or knee (capri) length tights. Hair must be in a bun or pinned up plaits – children cannot be admitted with ponytail or loose hair for health and safety reasons. Just to make you aware that children who are misbehaving during this class will be given ‘time-out’. For obvious reasons, discipline is very important during this class as injuries can occur.

Singing class launched last term and continues this term on a fortnightly basis starting on Saturday 6th January. Please contact me to book/enquire about this class.

This term show group are competing at Tadcaster dance festival, some grade classes will be learning syllabus work, but most will be working on technique development following the recent exam session. We will be having an exam session before the summer – date to be confirmed. Looking forward to a busy term ahead!

Kind regards

Miss C 😊