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Costumes for our newest show group members

Last Saturday the newest members of Show Group (and maybe the youngest) tried on their Alice In Wonderland costumes for the very first time. Every one agreed they looked adorable. Only a few weeks to go until they get to dance it for the public for the very first time.

They were all given very serious instructions that they were to keep them at home BUT THEY WEREN'T FOR PLAYING IN.

After this rehearsal i watched the senior troupe practice a dance, and it was interesting to watch the difference. For the juniors Miss Carole was in charge making all the decisions, coming up with all the ideas, but the with the seniors it was much more collaborative, if something wasn't felt to be perfect everyone got to make suggestions, and it wasn't always Miss Carole's idea that got used :)

Well I took some photos and I have to apologise that i am not a natural photographer, so here are the ones of the dozen I took i was willing to let people see. This is a rehearsal for "5 guys Named Moe" it appears that one guy was missing but they didn't let that stop them.